Standard:Service Integration And Mngmt.



An introduction to Service Integration and Management and ITIL® by Kevin Holland –

Effective SIAM seeks to combine the bene ts of best‐of‐breed based multi‐sourcing of services with the simplicity of single sourcing, minimising the risks inherent in multi‐sourced approaches and masking the supply chain complexity from the consumers of the services. SIAM assists in the situation where policy and execution can no longer be de ned absolutely by a single authority, supporting the development of supply chains into supply networks.
The primary focus of SIAM is on providing the necessary consistent governance, assurance, and management of these multiple suppliers and services, whether these suppliers are external, internal, or a combination of. It includes approaches for supplier co‐ordination, integration, collaboration, interoperability and delivery. This creates an environment where all parties know their role, responsibilities, context and are empowered to deliver – and are then also held accountable for the outcomes.

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