Project Management Office

PMO PO Model

As soon as there will be a growing number of projects objectives to achieve the standardization of the enterprise project management will come up as one of the most importent strategic PM requirements. Established as a cross project organisation that supports for example the management in making the right strategic decisions concerning project program and portfolio on one side and on the other takes care about multi-project ressource planning or supports running projects in keeping the agreed enterprise project management standards, methods and objectives. Or provides proven tools to new projects. And always keep an attentive eye on all the currently running projects to support with expertise, knowledge and tools if deviations may possibly emerging.

We support you in –

  • analyzing the way you currently manage projects (including project program/portfolio mgmnt.) and give a clear recommendation on implementing a PMO
  • developing an individual concept how to grow up a successful PMO whatever capability level should be established
  • defining all the PMO’s duties and responsibilities
  • establishing the neccessary methods, processes and tools to run a successful PMO

Not to mention the included –

  • reliable PMO process architecture,
  • proven PMO expertise,
  • reliable methods and tools and
  • unbeatable sustainability of growing up a well-managed PMO

Objectives of our well implemented PMOs are –

  • Improvement in alignment of projects with firm’s objectives
  • Improvement in projects delivered under budget
  • Decrease in failed projects
  • Cost savings per project
  • Improvement in customer satisfatction
  • make the PMO the strategic driver for organizational excellence

So we’ve made our contribution to avoid unnecessary losses of quality, time and money.
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