Requirements Engineering

We help you to master one of the first high prio objectives in the lifecycle of your IT projects. Though it might seem to be easy to give PLAN and BUILD all the necessary informations to develop that perfect application that fulfills all the wishes of a client - the fact is - it needs way more to set up a solid requirements engineering that elicits, summarizes and presents all tiny details of all needed information of all available knowledge sources in a finally useable form. Requirements, also the involved stakeholders will agree.

We’ll support you with –

  • defining all the available sources for project informations
  • eliciting, condense and prioritize all results to project requirements
  • we create an understandable documentation – as little as possible as much as necessary
  • establish all processes that are needed to create a solid basement for BUILD and RUN

Decades of experience with ITPM and BA provide us with a large toolbox full of best practice methods and tools.
We hope that you will give us a chance to use them to make your IT projects a great success from the early beginning. Along the requirements.

Better now.