Operational Maturity Index

Additional support may be necessary in order to achieve the planned GoLive goals of IT projects, programmes and portfolios. The challenges of the BUILD2RUN transition in particular require precise and timely preparation for the requirements of IT operations and the specialist departments.
With the Operational Maturity Index, we have the perfect tool to guide your software projects to a precise GoLive landing.

When  GoLive means go live
Our precise, customized OMI scheme practically provides an autopilot for controlling development projects and stays on course even in stormy conditions. Project stabilization at its best.
The perfect way to seamlessly transfer software development projects to IT operations. Quite frankly, it is the best way to establish risk and maturity management from the very first project phase. This provides all project participants with a permanent progress overview with regard to the ‘GoLive’ of development projects, programs and portfolios.
Receive –

  • stabilisation of the transition from Build2Run of your IT projects
  • Integration of all operational requirements
  • Integration of the functional and technical requirements
  • Transparency of the maturity level with regard to GoLive
  • improved communication between BUILD & RUN
  • Risk projects are identified promptly
  • Complete overview of ongoing projects
  • General overview of programme/portfolio
  • synchronize a projects GoLive between several projects or with other events
  • create metrics for advanced project analysis and AI
  • Taylor made – will be individually customised
  • Industry proven for more than 10 years

We support you with a customized integration project to define your individual KPIs and the integration of “Operationa Maturity Indexing” to optimize Time-To-Market and Return-Of-Investment.

We would be happy to explain the advantages of the ‘Operational Maturity Index’ to you in detail. Send us a short message and make an appointment for a personalised online demo.

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