Isn't ITIL all we need to perfectly transform our service strategies, ideas and requirements into a well oiled customer-centered service machinery providing immediate IT services at any location and time wether day or night for any kind of IT service or infrastructure that we use and will use brought to us and all our clients by our young IT heroes who not only drop every other job immediately when anybody cries for help and understand any kind of IT problem without a word of explanation but solve all these incidents and problems now and forever at a cost rate that isn't worth the time to talk about, is it?

Well, let’s be realistic. Though ITIL in general is surely one of the most used IT service management frameworks of today, it will need a few additional efforts to get close to ‘service paradise’ described above. But then in reward –

10 Benefits of ITIL

  • Stronger alignment between IT and business
  • Better forecast and overview of service costs
  • Reduced costs through improved utilization of resources
  • Better collaboration between customer, business & IT
  • Improved service delivery and customer satisfaction
  • Better management of service disruption or failure
  • More stable IT environment to support business
  • Less downtime in case of unexpected impacts or incidents
  • Clear workflows and agreements make IT more reliable
  • Less turnover of IT staff generates a higher level of professionalism

Managing Practices

Service Strategy

  • Service Portfolio Management
  • Asset Management
  • Service Demand & Capacity Management
  • Financial Management
  • RiskManagement
  • Business Relationship Management

Service Design

  • Service Catalogue Management
  • Service Level Management
  • Supplier Management
  • Capacity Management
  • Availability Management
  • IT Service Continuity Management
  • Information Security Management
  • Design Coordination

Service Transition

  • Transition Planning and Support
  • Change Management
  • Service Asset and Configuration Management
  • Release and Deployment Management
  • Knowledge Management
  • Service Validation and Testing
  • Change Evaluation

Service Operation

  • Event Management
  • Incident Management
  • Problem Management
  • Request Fulfillment
  • Access Management

Continuous Service Improvement

  • Service Desk
  • Application Management
  • Technical Management
  • IT Operational Management

New Key Concepts

  • Values
  • Collaboration
  • Outcomes

4 New Dimensions

  • Organizations & people
  • Information & technology
  • Partners & suppliers
  • Value streams & processes

Dimensions and value relation

The New Service Value Chain

The Unbeatable Package

We provide you with –

  • the knowledge to make you the high esteemed service provider
  • for any service demand your business will bring up
  • whether by your customers or your internal departments and staff
  • the qualified methods
  • the expert knowledge about processes
  • the best working tools
  • and last not least ITILv4

the modern best practise IT service framework that is your reliable compass in IT service integration and management.

Avoid pitfalls and get in contact with us. Better now.