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IT Project Management

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Whatever IT project management standard you prefer we help you to find the best method to lead your project to the expected success. With more than a decade of comprehensive ITPM experience in huge enterprises we’ll setup the perfect project management for your next IT project and support you in achieving the desired project goals. Even projects in critical  situations benefit from our experience in project emergency management. Back to a controlled environment. Whatever your needs are in IT project management – we are your reliable partner.
Fast, tailor-made, cost-conscious.


Requirements Engineering

Begins with eyes and ears…

The highest quality in requirements engineering is a milestone for any successful project management. We support you with our top-of-the-edge knowledge to master this primary objective in the lifecycle of your IT projects. A clear and committed project scope, precise user and functional requirements, detailed quality attributes and a careful observation of the business rules are the foundation of our successful project management method. Combined with a few additional assets out of our huge good practice toolbox make requirements engineering a game that you can’t loose.
With us.


Lifecycle Management

All along the lifecycle

We help you to manage your software assets from the first draft to the  application retirement. Whether additional expert power in plan/build, software release and deployment planning, data security or reliable  infrastructure with a sensitive monitoring – we assist you with the priceless experience of the newest best practice methods. From software development to start-up management, from roll-out to service integration and performance analysis – we are in every situation of your assets lifecycle your reliable partner.
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