Operational Maturity Index

In order to achieve planned project objectives, it may be necessary to provide a project with additional support. Especially during the transition from development to regular operation, exact preparation for the needs of IT operations is often necessary.
We have the perfect tools that enable us to lead your software projects to an exact spot landing at the transfer to IT operations.
Our high-precision Key Performance Indicator scheme is an autopilot for managing development projects and keeps the course on schedule even when the weather gets stormier.
Quality management at its best.
The perfect way to smoothly fade software development to IT operations and it is frankly speaking a smart way to establish risk and quality management processes from the very first step. Which undoubtedly could be an important step before 'agile' managed software development projects meet traditional managed IT operations.

Interested in –

  • improving the development-to-operations transition of your IT projects with a high quality ensurance?
  • ensure that a projects operational handover is perfect prepared
  • preparing IT operations for ‘agile’ methods and management without loosing RISK and QM?

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